Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Relationships with Other Denominations 5: Worldwide Ecumenism

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This is the fifth of 5 posts introducing the ecumenical section of the Methodist Church website. I suggest you open the site in another tab so that you can see what I'm writing about. Relationships with Other Denominations can be accessed directly, or if you go to the website home page, click on Ecumenism under Open to the World. Click on Ecumenical Information and then on Worldwide Ecumenism, which should bring you here.

The links to the World Methodist Council and Our Partner Churches, are both maintained on World Church Relations pages of the Methodist Church website.  These pages offer and overview of the breadth of Methodism across the world.

Four other links go to pages that describe the work of:
  • The World Council of Churches
  • The Ecumenical Institute at Bossey
  • The Global Christian Forum, and
  • The Methodist Roman Catholic International Commission
These together offer an overview of the global ecumenical work of the British Methodist Church.

These five posts have been designed to draw attention to the ecumenical pages of the Methodist Church website.  Please comment on any aspects of the site you identify.  I'm particularly interested in expanding the topics covered by the site, so please note your ideas.
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