Thursday, 26 August 2010

Evangelism is in your comfort zone

Some readers may remember John Baxter Brown when he worked for Churches Together in England.  He has started a blog, Evangelism is in your comfort zone, on the World Council of Churches website.

I've not been able to add a link to my blogroll for technical reasons but if I find out how to do it, it will appear.  In the meantime follow the link. 

This is John's preamble to his blog. 

On this blog John Baxter-Brown, the WCC Consultant for Evangelism, shares his impressions, hopes, ideas and stories about evangelism especially in relation to the WCC and the broader ecumenical movement. There is a strong focus on telling the evangelism stories he has researched on his travels: he usually finds that the best evangelism is done by ordinary Christians simply living out their faith - evangelism is within their comfort zone as they try to follow Jesus. Please note that blog entries are personal contributions by the writer and do not necessarily represent the opinion or policies of the World Council of Churches or any other organization mentioned.
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