Friday, 20 August 2010

Relationships with Other Denominations 4: Ecumenism in Europe

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This is the fourth of 5 posts introducing the ecumenical section of the Methodist Church website. I suggest you open the site in another tab so that you can see what I'm writing about. Relationships with Other Denominations can be accessed directly, or if you go to the website home page, click on Ecumenism under Open to the World. Click on Ecumenical Information and then on Ecumenism in Europe, which should bring you here.

Where we work: Europe is a page from the World Church Relations section of the Methodist Church website.  This page offers an overview of the Methodist Church in Europe.  It is complemented by the account of the European Methodist Council.  This is where the European Methodist Churches collaborate.  Notable examples of collaboration is the Methodist Representative to the Holy See and the European Methodist Youth Council.

The other two links cover the ecumenical structures in Europe, the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe and the Conference of European Churches.

If you want to know more about European ecumenism, you might consider subscribing to the Church of England's European Bulletin.  A link can be found on the Ecumenism in Europe page.

Please comment below if you have points to make about European ecumenism or questions to ask. 

I will respond to comments when I return from leave on or soon after 24 August 2010.  The final post in this series will be next Tuesday.
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