Thursday, 12 August 2010

Closer Working: Ethos 1

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The group focusing on ethos at the Closer Working Methodist URC Consultation, made the following points about Methodists URC and Anglicans working together.  Remember this was a consultation for Methodists and URC.  It would be interesting to hear what Anglicans make of these points!
  • That the three denominations might look more closely at boundaries with a view to making them coterminous at Diocese, District, Synod level to Circuit, Deanery and Area level. This with a view to how we can work together for mission and enable a strong emphasis on ecumenical commitment in appointments both ministerial and lay.
  • Training and development of ministry and laity in ecumenical working is vital to enable insight into each other’s denominations.
  • Cumbria model. County Ecumenical Development Officer. In two parts – social responsibility, ecumenical development – paid appointment through Churches Together (in Cumbria). Can be lay or ordained and each denomination pays into the pot.
  • Team Ministry – sharing resources especially in villages where one clergy person from any denomination has pastoral support for all.
Please note I'm on leave and will respond to comments on or soon after Tuesday 24 August 2010.
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