Monday, 16 August 2010

Monday Morning 3: Taking MEN to Another Dimension

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Ecumenism can seem dull.  Ecumenists it seems are brilliant at producing long, detailed, incomprehensible tomes.  Methodist Ecumenical News (MEN) will be giving them all the justice they deserve, but is that it?  (Apparently, the iillustration is a blow by blow account of the first seven ecumenical councils.)

These activities might seem dull but they are the foundation upon which our inter-church relations stand.  Most of the content of this blog will be reports of meetings and events that build upon these agreements.

There is another dimension.  Sometimes we call it the sharing of spiritual treasures or gifts; liturgical and spiritual reflections upon the sharing of our traditions. 

So, your homework this week, is to share as a comment any resources you know of a spiritual or liturgical nature that illuminate our ecumenical work.  The sort of things you might share include:
  • liturgies for opening or closing a LEP or Churches Together Group, especially where there is something new or innovative
  • liturgies for joint confirmations or other services
  • sermons about ecumenism, especially those delivered at ecumenical events
  • prayers for unity or that reflect the scope of Christian experience
  • meditations on unity
I can't have thought of every possibility.  Remember this is an opportunity to share with every reader of this blog.  If you have a lot of text, in the comment say what it is and I'll contact you in due course.  Or find my email address on the 'About' page and send it to me.  I'd like to put longer material in posts rather than comments. 

Don't forget constraints of copyright.  If you offer something, I expect it to be yours and it will enter the public domain as I will assume it can be copied or used unless you make it clear it has restrictions.  If you think something is copyright restricted it may be possible to link to other sites where it has already been published or to details about how to get hold of it.

Please remember I am on leave and so will respond to comments on or after 24 August 2010.
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