Friday, 27 August 2010

CTAL Notepad

When the national ecumenical instruments were established across Britain in 1989, they were accompanied by intermediate or county bodies in England.

England has a much greater population than Scotland and Wales, so it was understood ecumenical work needed to be organised in smaller geographical units.  These units are usually counties although a few are smaller than counties and so collectively they are known as intermediate bodies.

They seem to have done rather well, although they are currently being reviewed and so we'll find out just how well in the near future.  Most of them employ a County Ecumenical Development Officer (the title varies from place to place although the word 'Development' seems to have appeared in  more job titles over recent years) who provides some co-ordination and oversight of ecumenical work in their areas.  (It's hard to generalise as circumstances vary so much.)

Some of them produce newsletters and one of the most highly developed ones is in Lincolnshire.  Follow this link to take a look at a recent issue of the CTAL Notepad.

If anyone is familiar with other similar newsletters, let me know and I'll give them a mention.
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