Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Relationships with Other Denominations 2: Ecumenical News and Views

This is the second of 5 posts introducing the ecumenical section of the Methodist Church website. I suggest you open the site in another tab so that you can see what I'm writing about. Relationships with Other Denominations can be accessed directly, or if you go to the website home page, click on Ecumenism under Open to the World.  Click on Ecumenical Information and then on Ecumenical News and Views, which should bring you here.

This page has 6 links to pages about ecumenism.  They are as follows:

  1. What is Ecumenism? is the introductory page I mentioned in the last post.  There is a direct link to it on the Relationships with Other Denominations page.
  2. Guide to Denominations reviews the origins of the denominations and some approaches to working together.
  3. Major Ecumenical Statements reviews statements made by the churches together.
  4. Major Methodist Ecumenical Statements reviews statements made by the Methodist Church.
  5. Ecumenical Interfaith Work shows how churches collaborate in interfaith work.  The long term plan for this page is it will become part of the interfaith section of the website.
  6. How to get Involved is an overview of options for people wishing to get involved in ecumenical work.
Click on the last link and you will find links to six more pages.  These cover a range of approaches to local ecumenical work.  This is intended to be a resource for churches and individuals who want to commence ecumenical work or explore it in more depth.  I'm looking for more topics to include in these pages and so suggestions would be welcome.

Pages include an explanation of Ecumenical Conversations, at all levels, and a page about Starting in Local EcumenismEcumenical Collaboration shows how Christians collaborate in various ways outside of formal church structures.  The last three links are to pages about resources on the Internet, courses and reading for ecumenism.  Recommendations of further reading, educational opportunities and websites are welcome and can be included in a blog post as well as on the website.

Please comment below if you have thoughts about any of these pages, or ideas for new topics.  I will respond to these comments when I return from leave on or soon after 24 August 2010.
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