Monday, 9 August 2010

Monday Morning 2: The Future of MEN

I'm hoping to find authors for Methodist Ecumenical News (MEN) who will represent the complete range of Methodist ecumenical work.  This is ambitious but worth a try.  My posts will cover the basic ecumenical work of the Methodism Church plus anything else happening on the national scene.  I hope other authors will provide insights into events and debates to which I don't have direct access.  Your homework this week is, through the comments, to share ideas about what you would like to see on the blog.

So, you might like to suggest:
  1. Ideas for posts, sequences of posts, etc.  What would you like to see on this blog?  Do the posts so far interest you?  If not, what would interest you? 
  2. Requests for more information.  I will follow up relevant requests for information about ecumenism.  It may be necessary to do some research or find a suitable author - but I will follow up every suggestion you make and if I can't do it justice I will explain why.
  3. Ecumenism can be difficult, so perhaps you might share a problem.  I get 2 or 3 enquiries a week.  I can't share these as I treat them as confidential.  Sharing enquiries on this blog won't be confidential but could have advantages.  You might get the benefit of the experience of other readers.  Also, we might find others are sharing the same problem.  If it is something that can be expressed in a few words, use a comment.  Let me know if you want to share something longer and we'll work out how to do it.
It would be brilliant to return from leave to a long list of ideas.  I'll respond to posts on or after 24 August 2010.. 
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