Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Relationships with Other Denominations 1: Introduction

This is the first of 5 posts introducing the ecumenical section of the Methodist Church website.  I suggest you open the site in another tab so that you can see what I'm writing about.  Relationships with Other Denominations can be accessed directly, or if you go to the website home page, click on Ecumenism under Open to the World.

Methodist Ecumenical News (MEN) and this section of the Methodist Church website are designed to be complementary.  If you scroll down you will find the old news feed, recently replaced by MEN.  At present I use it for links to recent posts on MEN.  The idea is the website will include material for long term use, whilst MEN is for new stuff, discussing ideas, etc.  I am updating the site as I write posts for MEN.  Any major changes to the site will be flagged in a post on MEN.  You can comment on the website in MEN of course.

Scroll back up again and you will see a number of short cut links to pages in the website.  What is Ecumenism? is a page for people new to ecumenism.  It includes some basic definitions and material to orientate the reader to the theme.  My aim is to write to approximately A level standard, with links for those who wish to go deeper.  It would be helpful to know whether you think the site achieves this target.

There are three links to material specific to the three nations and on the right, a section for topical links.  Embracing the Covenant is the last major report from the Anglican Methodist Covenant's Joint Implementation Commission.  This short cut links to material for a consultation last year.

Now click on the link: Ecumenical Information.

This takes you to a page which acts as a junction for the site's four main areas.  The idea is to explore ecumenism from the local through to national, European and world activities.  Ecumenical News and Views includes a lot of general information, primarily for local activities.  We shall explore this in tomorrow's post.

Please comment if you have anything to say about the website and I will respond when I return from leave on or soon after 24 August 2010.
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