Monday, 23 August 2010

Monday Morning 4: MEN and Fun

Friedrichswerder ChurchImage by Anke L via Flickr
Your homework this week is to suggest fun things for this blog. 

Does anyone know any ecumenical jokes?  There must be some.  Surely?

What would you like?  Quizzes?  Competitions?  What could we offer as ecumenical prizes?

There are few images associated with ecumenism.  Finding photos and other artwork that's appropriate is something of a headache.  Does anyone have images to share?  Is there some way we could pool images, perhaps using an application such as Flickr? 

How about book reviews?  Reviews of relevant music.  Is there any?

Is there is an author around with a humourous take on ecumenism?  Or other ways of approaching unity from an unusual angle?

Any ideas?  Please comment below.  I'm back tomorrow ...
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