Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Working Together in Mission 2011 - 2014

Churches' Together in England's (CTE) Group for Evangelisation has produced the first two of a series of resource papers in preparation for the series of initiatives mentioned in their recent statement.  These papers can be found on the CTE website.

Mission together: where are you now?

The next three years will see the churches in England presented with a multitude of mission opportunities. A major initiative with the Bible, the Olympic Games, and a three year build up to Hope Together will all come with national publicity and resources.

This paper is the first in a series to help local churches pray and plan ahead. Even small steps can make a big difference and make mission possible, manageable, and hugely beneficial for individuals and local communities. In September 2010, a press release from members of the Churches Group for Evangelisation suggested the following four steps as a framework for what local churches to consider:
  • Research the potential of each initiative
  • Pray and discern a vision
  • Strategically plan together in your own local context
  • Work in close collaboration
… celebrating the various diverse gifts and strengths in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ together.

A local case study in mission and partnership

This is a case study of how one local Churches Together group, in Horwich, Lancashire, has made use of two very different partnerships with wider initiatives and networks to help them in their own local mission, which includes the Eden Bus project, illustrated.

It is offered as an illustration of how churches together groups could form future partnerships with the major networks Biblefresh, More than Gold and Hope Together 2011-2014.
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