Monday, 27 September 2010

Hope Together Launched in July

More information about Hope Together, from the CTAL Notepad, September issue. 

HOPE Together, a continuation of the vision and values of HOPE 08, was launched at a huge all‐night prayer gathering in London at the end of July. The Festival of Life saw HOPE Leadership Team and Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastors lead nearly 40,000 people in fervent prayer for the unity of God’s people in mission.

We are so excited when we hear stories of churches working together to serve, work alongside, and witness to their communities. Sometimes those congregations have very different traditions and ways of worshipping. God delights when his people demonstrate true unity of purpose as they share His life changing message with others.

HOPE 08 had tremendous impact and saw 1,500 areas living out Jesus’ mission in word and action in their own neighbourhoods. 85% saw a definite change in their community and many towns and villages (70%) realised such a momentous change that they have continued HOPE projects.

HOPE Together has a big vision; to build on this activity and see the entire breadth of the UK Church involved in united mission – the whole Church mobilised to reach the whole nation.

It’s not up to us to tell you how to do mission because no-one knows your area’s needs like you do. What works for a village may not suit a city. HOPE Together will encourage local church to gradually build mission activity and outward focus each year for the next four years, leading to a massive all‐out year of mission in 2014!

Joint praise celebrations, fun days, gardening projects, street evangelism, give‐aways, healing teams, acts of kindness, street clean‐ups, and sports ministries – there are so many innovative ways to share the Gospel.

Roy Crowne, Executive Director of HOPE Together, said: “Just imagine people in each village, town and city in the UK working together and setting the Gospel loose in word and deed. Imagine life turned upside down and despair turned inside out. HOPE exists to make this dream possible by equipping the Church for joined up mission.”

We long to see long lasting spiritual change in the lives of individuals and whole communities transformed. An Easter resource will be released later this year that will inspire churches to use Easter as a greater outreach opportunity in 2011.

In 2012 the focus for Hope, alongside the Olympics will be the time of Harvest and 2013 will focus on Advent and Christmas and preparation for 2014, another full year of HOPE initiatives. Resources will be available for churches to use.

Sign up as a church or an individual at for information, inspiration and resources. 

HOPE Together ‐ do more, together, in word and action.
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