Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Statement from the Churches Group for Evangelisation

Churches Together in England have issued a press release, dated 23 September 2010, from the Churches Group for Evangelisation meeting at High Leigh on 21 and 22 September. 

Local Churches and Biblefresh, More than Gold, Hope Together 2011-2014

As members of the Churches Group for Evangelisation, we encourage churches in England to engage in the home mission opportunities afforded by the national initiatives Biblefresh, More than Gold and Hope Together, as they feed into national, regional and local churches programmes.

These three major initiatives complement each other, and provide significant resources for mission for the next four years. Each home mission initiative will provide a positive legacy for the future in terms of deepening discipleship, church growth, community transformation and people finding faith in Christ.

We encourage local groups of churches to:
  1. research the potential of each initiative
  2. pray and discern a vision
  3. strategically plan together in your own local context
  4. work in close collaboration
… celebrating the various diverse gifts and strengths in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ together.

The Churches Group for Evangelisation is a Coordinating Group of Churches Together in England, with representatives of member churches and associated home mission agencies.


Further information:
Captain Jim Currin, CA.
Secretary for Evangelisation
Churches Together in England, 27 Tavistock Sq WC1H 9HH
020 7529 8135
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