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Methodist URC Liaison Committee, November 2010

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Rural Advisers address everything rural,
including chaplaincy at agricultural shows

The Methodist URC Liaison Committee meets three times per year to oversee the practicalities of the ecumenical collaboration between the two churches.

The meeting today has a heavy agenda, following a period of considerable activity. The Joint Resolution in the summer of 2006, adopted by Methodist Conference and the URC General Assembly, has led to two major events this year, the 'Closer Working' consultation in April and the first ever joint meeting between Methodist Council and URC Mission Council in October.

The agenda for the meeting reflects the need to take stock of the outcomes from these events (mostly recorded in this blog) and also addresses some other issues from the ongoing life of the two churches:

  1. The future of the joint Rural Adviser post
  2. Recognition of each other's ministries can still be problematic. The group will consider issues around the role of Methodist Superintendent Ministers (especially where they are in a circuit where there is a Methodist URC Local Ecumenical Partnership (LEP) but not the minister themselves) and the status of URC Ministers who are recognised as Associate Ministers by the Methodist Church.
  3. There are a number of issues around United Areas. The primary concern is progress with the model constitution for united areas. This is being written to conform with the need for most united areas to register with the Charity Commission. It will be the first time there is a model constitution for these areas, which have hitherto written their own. The hope is the new model will save considerable time in preparation of such constitutions.
  4. There is to be a URC Marketing Campaign and the committee will have a preliminary discussion about what this might mean for LEPs.
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