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Methodist Anglican Panel for Unity in Mission, November 2010

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How can we be sure a light touch
is the right touch?
I haven't mentioned MAPUM so far and so here is a brief account of what it is.

About two years ago, the Church of England's Council for Christian Unity (CCU) and the Methodist Council agreed to form a successor body to the CCU Local Unity Panel (LUP) and the Methodist Committee for Local Ecumenical Development (CLED) to further the work of Unity in Mission.

The title “Methodist – Anglican Panel for Unity in Mission” (MAPUM) combines the three elements of:
  • working together under the Covenant,
  • sharing insights and attending to issues, and
  • holding the dual imperatives of Unity and Mission with the conviction that neither can be fully addressed in isolation.
MAPUM meets today.  Here are highlights from the agenda.  As always, ask if you would like any items expanded upon.
  1. Joint Implementation Commission: Report of meetings held in May and October
  2. Promotion of the Anglican Methodist CovenantAMC website and other methods.  The link takes you to a previous post, which explains this agenda item and requests information.  Any comments you have are still helpful.
  3. Methodist – Church of England Single Congregation LEPs: Review of possible models of governance.  This is a report of some of the issues that have come up around the new model constitution for Local Ecumenical Partnerships.   I will post about these issues once things are clearer.
  4. Methodist Council – URC Mission Council report of joint meeting.
  5. Local Ecumenism Report - a long paper 'Local Unity in Mission' is in preparation for consideration by the Church of England's House of Bishops.  I will post about this when it becomes available.
  • Update and process
  • Ecumenical Fresh Expressions.  A paper 'Unity in Mission in Fresh Expressions' is to be discussed.  It contrasts 'right touch' with 'light touch' ecumenism.  This will be a topic for a later post.
  • Origin and Developments of LEPs. A new paper covering the history of Local Ecumenical Partnerships.  This too will be a theme for a future post.
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