Tuesday, 30 November 2010

BBC 1 Nativity This Christmas

Churches Together in England carries a review of the upcoming BBC 1 series 'The Nativity'. It's serialised over the four days up to Christmas Eve (so actually it's in Advent, not Christmas - but never mind that) and the review suggests it's not to be missed.

Tony Jordan (creator of Life on Mars and writer of Eastenders) appears to be the author. He said: ‘I’ve always had a faith. I’m not a God-botherer … But I do believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. I do believe he came here to take away our sins. I absolutely believe that. But there’s loads of little bits around it that bug me. So what I’ve done with the story of the nativity is written a version that I can believe. ‘And I believe that the people who watch it who aren’t already sold, who would ridicule another version with square beards, [will find that] I’ve made it accessible. So they can watch it and see it’s truthful, and say, “You know what! That’s really cool. I never realised it could be like that. I thought it was all beyond me.”

Peter Graystone, the reviewer writes, 'It is not just moving, it is funny (very), believable (totally), sexy (yes!), tense and profoundly full of the grace of God. And the awe of God too'.  Sounds like it might be worth a  try ...

The Nativity has a website provided by the Church and Media network for more information.  Click on one of the pictures and you'll get a menu.

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