Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Christian Enquiry Agency

Christianity is the name of the website recently re-launched by the Christian Enquiry Agency, as a public facing website for anyone interested in the Christian faith. It is designed for all ages of enquirer and traditions of the Church and provides a host of information and an opportunity for people new to Christianity to enquire.

The Christian Enquiry Agency (CEA) provides information for people who want to find out about the Christian faith and its founder Jesus Christ. The information is reliable, objective and given confidentially.  It does not just offer a version of Christianity adhered to by one particular group of Christians (‘denomination’ or ‘tradition’). Instead it attempts to explain and explore what Christians of all kinds believe.

CEA tries to respond to all enquirers by giving them what they ask for, and only what they ask for. It takes steps to ensure that no one is given information unsolicited. It does not seek to take the place of local churches.  It is an agency of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland and a registered charity (number 297393). 

The purpose of the Christian Enquiry Agency is to inform people about Jesus Christ and Christianity. It is their hope that men and women will take steps of faith toward a commitment to Jesus Christ as a result of what they discover. It is their prayer that having an active faith will improve their lives.
Most people who want to make use of the service that the Agency offers reach them through their website. It comes close to the top of any online search that uses the word Christianity. They also respond to requests that come by post or telephone, and all these details can be found on the website. People discover the Agency because it is linked to a large number of church websites, and its details appear in newspapers, booklets and exhibitions in cathedrals.
CEA tries to respond to all enquirers by giving them what they ask for, and only what they ask for. Typically, people might ask to be sent a gospel or other information about Christianity. They might request CEA's hundreds of supporters to pray about a particular issue, ask a question about Christianity, or seek help to find a reputable local church where they can explore issues of faith with others. CEA are also able to put them in touch with another Christian who can start an email conversation to share experience of following Jesus (these people have been trained and steps taken to ensure that they are trustworthy).
The Christian Enquiry Agency hosts this site as a service for all churches, it would be great if a link was put on every church and Christian agency website.

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