Wednesday, 9 March 2011

CTE Enabling Group, March 2011

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This week Churches Together in England's (CTE) Enabling Group is meeting in Aylesford, Kent.  The last meeting took place in September and some notes were reported in October.  As I wrote in September, "Enabling Group's role is to reflect upon the progress of ecumenical relationships in England.  It is 'a key level of governance because it is where all the churches, which are members of the organisation, are able to be represented.  (It) also includes representatives of the Intermediate Bodies, representatives of the Bodies in Association and of the Forum.'  (See CTE's websites for definitions of these terms.)"

Here are some highlights from the agenda:
  • An update on the review of Intermediate Bodies.  There is likely to be more information about the review and so I will prepare an update in the near future.
  • An introduction to CT Connect.
  • Spirituality Group consultation.  There will also be a report from CTE's Theology and Unity Groups. 
  • The nature of the ecumenical space which CTE offers.  It will be interesting to find out what this means!
  • The legacy of the Papal visit.  There are several posts on this blog relating to the Papal visit. Search for 'Papal visit' in the right hand column to find the rest.
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