Friday, 17 September 2010

Churches Together In England Enabling Group, September 2010

Westminster Hall in 1808 (from Wikipedia Commons)
Today Churches Together in England's Enabling Group meets for one of its twice yearly meetings.  Enabling Group's role is to reflect upon the progress of ecumenical relationships in England.  It is 'a key level of governance because it is where all the churches, which are members of the organisation, are able to be represented.  (It) also includes representatives of the Intermediate Bodies, representatives of the Bodies in Association and of the Forum.'  (See CTE's websites for definitions of these terms.)  Some time will be set aside for the review of governance, which has been taking place during the last year.

The meeting will take place in London.  Originally, Enabling Group was to meet in Leeds but the Pope's visit led to a change of plan.  So, the meeting will be interrupted so that its members can attend the service in Westminster Abbey.  The Pope will be delivering an address in Westminster Hall at the House of Commons, which will be relayed to the service in Westminster Abbey.  This will take a big chunk of time out of the Enabling Group meeting, as the service will take in excess of two hours.

The rest of the Enabling Group meeting will comprise of CTE Annual General Meeting and election of Directors.  Enabling Group will hear reports from the Directors and General Secretary.  The group will also consider two applications for membership of CTE.

Some of the issues likely to come up include:
  1. A document is to be published soon about a conversation initiated earlier this year between ecumenists and exponents of 'Fresh Expressions'.
  2. Observations about changes happening in Intermediate Bodies and the implications of local changes happening 'under the radar' for Intermediate Bodies in general. 
  3. The Right to Warmth Campaign
So, this meeting will be somewhat truncated.  I'll report on any significant decisions later.  Leave a comment if there is anything you would particularly like to read about.
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