Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Churches Together Connect

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News this week of a new development from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland to mark the Week of Prayer for Christian UnityChurches Together Connect is a new social network primarily for Churches Together groups, launched on Monday 17 January 2011.  Here is their press release:

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) has today launched a new social networking site called CT Connect. Launched to coincide with the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, it will offer a free website to local Churches Together groups with direct links to CTBI’s online resources.

CTBI General Secretary Revd Bob Fyffe said “This is about resourcing and developing a new space to work on our agenda for unity. It’s about building an on-line community. Significantly, it will allow Christians at a local level to engage directly with each other and with the many organisations in the ecumenical family. It will also be an interactive space that will resource and strengthen the work of local Churches Together groups. It’s a good example of our being ‘More Together, Less Apart.’”

CT Connect will also offer a quality space for Christians to seek and share information and best practice. It will facilitate groups sharing resources for worship and spirituality, publicising events, and most importantly to engaging, interacting and discussing current issues locally, nationally and internationally.

CT Connect will build a community online.  It will be a place to:
  • learn from each other and to explore what it means to be a Church united in Christ
  • Generate ideas
  • Share resources for worship, liturgy and spirituality.
  • Engage and discuss current issues with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Publicise community and Churches Together events and get ideas from others about how to organise particular events and use the best resources
(This list is from the January edition of CTE News.)

I welcome this development as I welcome any initiative which, like this blog, increases the presence of ecumenism on the internet.  However, these initiatives work only if they are supported, so please follow and comment on this blog and also join CT Connect. 
Finally, Church Mouse has commented on this new development in a post yesterday.
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