Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ecumenical Stakeholders' Forum, March 2011

The second meeting of the Ecumenical Stakeholders' Forum (ESF) takes place in London today.  I posted about the first meeting in October, when it was known as the Ecumenical Stakeholders' Group.  The name change brings it into line with the Methodist Connexional Team's policy.

If you read the previous post you will find details of the membership and remit of the group.  There is one additional new member, Canon Revd Harvey Richardson who is the Methodist Church's Advocate in Britain for the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe.

The agenda for this time includes the following items.  As usual I will post about some of them after the meeting, especially if you leave a request in the comments.
  1. Methodist view of the Swanwick Declaration - the churches in Scotland are reviewing progress with the Swanwick Declaration.
  2. Connexional Ecumenism: connecting up denominational, national, regional and local partnerships
  3. Current position and thoughts about Local Ecumenical Partnerships
  4. Review of developments and current issues in Scotland, Wales, England and Europe
  5. Ecumenical Reception (held over from last time)
  6. Joint Implementation Commission including Methodist response to Church of England proposals for extended covenant partnerships, including 
  • recognising and regarding churches
  • revisiting Recognised and Regarded, Authorised and Associate ministries
  • associate status for local preachers / readers
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