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London Meeting of Inter-Church Families

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I haven't posted about the Association of Inter-Church Families and this article from this month's CTE News is an opportunity to visit their website and review their work.  If you visit their site you will find their Mission:

The Association of Interchurch Families provides:

a support network and information service
  • for interchurch families (where the partners belong to different denominations – usually Roman Catholic and another Christian church);
  • for partners and parents, growing children and young adults;
  • for clergy, ministers, relatives, and all others concerned in the welfare of interchurch families.
a voice in the churches
  • by keeping the pastoral needs of interchurch families before church leaders and communities, at local, regional, national and international level;
  • by affirming the gifts of interchurch families and their potential as a catalyst for wider church unity;
  • by linking with groups of interchurch families in other parts of the world.
All these activities are rooted in prayer and worship.

And this is the article from CTE News:

The London Meeting of the Association of Inter-Church Families heard from Professor Antoine Arjakovsky, Director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Catholic University of Lviv, Ukraine, (the photo is of the Cathedral in Lviv) and Commissioner Betty Matear, Moderator of the Free Churches and one of the Presidents of AIF.

Professor Arjakovsky is a lay Orthodox and his wife is Catholic so he is himself in an Inter-Church family. He explained the background of his upbringing in France where there was a renewal of Orthodox faith amongst the Russian community and ecumenical links developed such as the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius which brings together the Anglican and Orthodox communions.

He spoke of his personal journey and his ecumenical vision. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church defines itself as being Orthodox, Catholic and Reformed! The Council of Florence in 1539 allowed the One Church to be both Orthodox and Catholic. The Ukrainians also took a lot from the Reformers.

Commissioner Betty Matear, who completes her term as Moderator of the Free Churches in April, is the first Salvationist to hold that post. She spoke of her experience of the Papal Visit to the United Kingdom which she called ‘a faith lift’. She said it was a historical moment and she was glad to be part of it. She said her vision was a Church which sees the world with the eyes of Christ.
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