Monday, 28 March 2011

Methodist URC Liaison Committee, March 2011

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The Methodist URC Liaison Committee meets three times per year to oversee the practicalities of the ecumenical collaboration between the two churches.  It meets today and it's worth taking am look at the post about the last meeting.  Here are today's live issues.  I'll be happy to expand on any of these issues after the meeting, just leave a comment.
  1. Following on from last autumn's joint councils meeting, see posts here, here and here, there has been one of the occasional meetings between Methodist District Chairs and URC Moderators.  MURC Liaison Committee will hear a report from this meeting.
  2. United Areas are places where the Methodist and United Reformed Churches collaborate over shared ministry, buildings, etc.  The paperwork to set them up has been quite challenging as there has been no standard constitution.  A model constitution for United Areas will go to Methodist Council for approval in April and to the URC for approval soon after.  This constitution will make it easier to set up United Areas and encourage innovative approaches to mission together.
  3. The URC will be sharing information about its review of ecumenical relations and its new publicity campaign. 
  4. MURC Liaison always spends some time reviewing particular challenging cases where collaboration has encountered snags or discovered new opportunities as well as taking an overview of progress in England, Scotland and Wales.
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