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Local Ecumenical Partnerships in Scotland 2010

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This is the fourth in a series of five posts based on the Methodist Church's report about ecumenical relations in Scotland 2010

We still have only seven formal Local Ecumenical Partnerships (LEPs) in Scotland: Granton Waterfront Churches Centre Project; Livingston Local Ecumenical Parish (with Church of Scotland, Scottish Episcopal Church (SEC) and URC); Grahamston United Parish (with the Church of Scotland and URC); Granton United and Mosspark United (both with the URC); and with the SEC at Rosyth and at St John's Dumfries.  However, there have been some significant developments in local partnerships in 2010 including the following.

Firstly, Granton United Church has been demolished to make way for an affordable housing unit which will include provision for a new church - in the meantime the congregation continue to meet in a local "Seventh Day Adventist" Church building.  It is anticipated the new build may be available by the end of 2011.

Another initiative which is being explored is the possibility of developing a closer relationship between Mosspark United Church and the local Church of Scotland Parish Church.  The Parish Church has recently gone into a ministerial vacancy and there may be an opportunity to build on good relations and the shared worship which takes place over the summer months and at other times.

Through the EMU Partnership we are starting to explore other local initiatives.  One of these is the possibility of deepening a building sharing arrangement in Girvan, where the SEC meet to worship in a Methodist building.  This initiative is still in its early stages of development but could lead to both a shared mission and ministry in Girvan.

The Scottish Churches National Sponsoring Body (NSB) for Local Ecumenical Partnerships continues to develop and maintain guidelines for best practice in LEPs and provides the mechanisms for shared oversight and review of existing LEPs.
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