Friday, 8 October 2010

'An Anglican Methodist Covenant' Website

Signatories to the Covenant, in the presence of the Queen.
During 2006, Revd John Cole and I developed a website for the Anglican-Methodist Covenant. We did this at the time of a series of 10 roadshows, delivered by the Joint Implementation Commission (JIC).
The website is now somewhat dated, although some of the information on it is still useful. It needs to be reviewed and I will be doing this over the next few months, with colleagues from the JIC.

At their meeting on Wednesday, the JIC set up a small group to look at communications in general. On the same day I had a meeting where the AMC website was discussed and we are considering developing a new website, more interactive than the current one. The current site would be used as an archive so long as material on it is still current.

In the meantime the home page of the old site now has some up-to-date information (scroll down) about the memberships of JIC and the Methodist-Anglican Panel for Unity and Mission (MAPUM).

It would be helpful to have some feedback from potential users, so if you have a few minutes to explore the site and comment on this post, it would be most helpful.

Here are some questions, you might consider:

  1. Do you think it is a good idea to start a new more interactive site? Would you use it?
  2. What information would you like to see on the new site?
  3. Do you have news, pictures, ideas to contribute to the site?
  4. Do you have any thoughts about the presentation of the site?
  5. Is there anything on the site you consider to be unhelpful?
I will draw attention to major changes as they happen.

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