Monday, 4 October 2010

Joint Implementation Commission Meeting, October 2010

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The next meeting of the Anglican-Methodist Covenant's Joint Implementation Commission takes place this week on Wednesday 6 October 2010.  If you want to know who's on it, follow this link and you will find the members if you scroll down.  I will be posting about this website later in the week.

Today I will highlight some of the issues to be discussed at the meeting on Wednesday.  I may supply more details of specific agenda items in future posts.  Leave a comment if you would like more information about any of these agenda items.
    1. Responses to Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (BEM).  This will cover (1) the Methodist response to BEM, 1985 (2) Commentary on Methodist response (3)  BEM on Ministry  (4)  Commentary on CofE response to BEM
    2. Relating the Methodist Presidency report to the JIC proposal for a President-Bishop
    3. Interchangeability: more thoughts.  A potential rite for the reconciliation of ordained ministries.
    4. Progress report on collaboration about Public Issues; Children and Youth Work etc.
    5. Communications Strategy
    6. Digest of formal statements and decisions by the Methodist Conference on Episcopacy.  These are some of the documents this digest refers to:
  • Episcopacy report 1998
  • Methodist response to BEM 1985
  • Episkope and Episcopacy 2000
  • Prospect of Episcopacy 2002
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