Wednesday, 13 October 2010

European Church Buildings Forum and Network

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Here is an example of collaboration between churches and non-church organisations.  This article is copied from the Church of England, Council for Christian Unity's European Bulletin – No 65,  September 2010.

A forum on the threats and opportunities to historic places of worship and developing a Europe-wide response will be held at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge between Wednesday 10 and Saturday 13 November 2010 hosted by the Churches Conservation Trust in partnership with European partner organisations. There will be delegations representing the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and UK will be attending.

The forum is being sponsored by the newly formed European Policy Network for Historic Places of Worship. The Network aims to:
  • raise the profile and protect Europe’s historic places of worship
  • provide a means of communication, through the forum and a website (see link below)
  • share common problems and solutions
  • identify areas where a Europe-wide response is appropriate
  • work with and build on existing and past initiatives on historic churches, including the Report to the Council of Europe 1989 and the Montreal Forum on future uses for churches in 2005
For website information about the November Forum and the Network please go to
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