Thursday, 30 September 2010

Methodist Encounters with Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI's Historical Visit To LondonImage by Gawain WhiteHawk Photography via FlickrThe following is an extract from the President of Conference's blog.  For more background information, visit a previous post on this blog, 'Methodist President will meet Pope Benedict XVI'.

From there to Edinburgh for the State welcome of the Pope. So important that Methodism in the UK was represented not only by myself - Eunice (this year's Vice President) being involved with very important matters relating to her 'day job'! - but also by the Secretary of the Irish Conference who shook hands with the Pope and received a small medallion. And back for Westminster Abbey and a sense of the grace of God as such a wide variety of Church Leaders processed down that historic aisle. There are always going to be the differences, and the need for much further conversation, but we worshiped God together and prayed together for God's world, remembering that we also work together in so many communities in these lands. Those of you who enjoy being on line will be able to find all the pictures of these events that you want!

This video features the Methodist President Alison Tomlin and Chair of Birmingham District Bill Anderson (wearing a rainbow scarf) in CBN's report on the Pope's visit to the UK.  Unfortunately, I can't embed the video and so follow this link.
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