Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Community Mission

Not all ecumenism involves collaboration between churches.  Christians often get together to provide services or campaign on issues and some are listed on the Methodist Church website

One such group is Community Mission.  I have subscribed to their newsletter for some time.  It arrives in my inbox at the start of each month and is full of useful information about funding, training and events, stories and resources.  If you are involved with local mission, it is worth subscribing

Here is an excerpt from their website that describes their aims:

Community Mission is a partnership started by Tearfund and Livability .

We believe in faith in action and that a commitment to integral mission is at the heart of the gospel. Community mission is the outworking of that commitment.

Both organisations have decades of experience of working alongside people affected by poverty, and pursuing justice in the UK and across the world and both are passionate about the unique role that the local church plays in continuing Jesus’ mission to bring good news to the poor.

We have come together in partnership to help churches and Christian groups grapple with issues of injustice and poverty, and see how they are key to a biblical understanding of mission.

The partnership is committed to:

  • promoting integrated theology
  • providing practical guidance and support
  • sharing real stories that inspire and envision

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