Monday, 6 September 2010

Ecumenical Websites: ACTS

Next up in this series about ecumenical websites is Action of Churches Together in Scotland (ACTS).  As you might expect this is a smaller site than those for CTBI or CTE.  Nevertheless, it still struggles with the problem of how to present its activities to the casual reader. 

The home page is lively and packed with information and plenty of links.  It is worth noting this site is based on blogging software.  This can be seen on the two columns on the right hand side of the page.  They are present whatever page you're on.  They contain useful information and links to assist with navigation of the site.

There are a wide range of ACTS' activities in the menus and under each heading we find summaries of meetings.  Here is a sample page.  These pages are an useful aide memoire for those who attend the meetings and perhaps that is their purpose.  However, the casual reader is not likely to find this material comprehensible.  One good point, which seems true of most of the pages I've looked at, is there are plenty of links.  So, those who are prepared to take time and explore may find out more.

There appears to be little opportunity for feedback, although it is possible to contact staff.  There are a few links to other websites, although nothing you would not expect.

Opportunities to share material if you're not on the staff, seem to be limited.  There is an articles page.  It looks as if it might be possible to add your own but there are no instructions, let alone an invitation to write. 

Overall, a good site if you're seeking information.  It's certainly not too difficult to navigate or to explore.  There are however few opportunities to participate or any sense that participation would be welcome.

Star rating:  *** our of *****
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