Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ecumenical Websites: Cytun

The website for Cytun (Churches Together in Wales) has a rather uninspiring home page but it is worth going beyond it because the site itself is well designed.  Clearly the aim is to present an accessible account of Cytun's work and a lot of thought has been put into this approach.  Here is a typical page.  Note how it presents information without too much detail.  On the other hand, click on the map and you'll find loads of useful information about faith groups in Wales.

Movement around the site is not always straightforward however, as access to links are not entirely consistent.  Returning to the home page can be quite an adventure!

I think it is possible to toggle between English and Welsh on every page.  It would be helpful to have a single icon in the same place on each page.

This site has a blog!  It seems to be used primarily as a means to publicise events.  It's not clear who compiles it or what you need to do to get information onto it.  This information could easily be placed in the blog's right hand column.

Overall, this is a site that has been well planned and provides an informative introduction to ecumenism in Wales.  In some places it's a bit difficult to navigate and does not offer much in the way of opportunities for participation.

Star rating:  *** out of *****
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