Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Orthodox Churches in the UK

The Orthodox Churches in the UK have until recently functioned in relation to their parent churches, most having accompanied people as the immigrated to Britain.  This has meant there has been a number of Orthodox Churches in Britain, relating to Bishops overseas.

These churches are trying to bring practice into line with doctrine.  The Orthodox Church is one, yet they have parallel jurisdictions among their diaspora in the UK.  An important start is the United Assembly of Orthodox Bishops in Britain and Ireland, bringing all together, working towards being one jurisdiction, though this will take time. It will be better for the Orthodox and also better for their ecumenical relationships.

Recently, the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies has developed an Orthodox 'Alpha' type course, The Way, launched in October 2010.  It uses the basic Alpha idea of meal, presentation, discussion.  More information can be found on their website.

THE WAY builds on the understanding of social dynamics and the importance of human relations in transmitting the faith as shown in courses such as Alpha. However, its understanding of key issues is Eastern Orthodox, its emphasis is sacramental, and it integrates teaching with worship.

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