Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Lent Courses 2011

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Thank you to Lincolnshire's CTAL Notepad, for their summary of Lent Courses for 2011.  I posted about the courses in November and by now there is more information.  Here is a sample.

  1. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) are producing The Unreconciled.  Details can be found by following the link and there is also a PDF file, Introduction to the Resources.  Apparently, the resources will be published on the website soon. 
  2. Rich Inheritance: Jesus' Legacy of Love is from York Christian Study Courses.  It is edited by Bishop Stephen Cotterell and features RC Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, Writer and lecturer in Biblical studies, Paula Gooder, and author and public theologian, Jim Wallis on the course CD / audiotape. Dr David Hope introduces the course and Methodist minister Inderjit Bhogal provides the Closing Reflection at the end of each speaker.
  3. Jesus The Wounded Healer (DVD) is a new CWR study for Lent. Comprises a DVD with five 15‐minute presentations, and a 48‐page study booklet with five weeks of daily Bible reading notes by Selwyn Hughes.
  4. Exploring God's Mercy by Bishop Stephen Croft, is available from Church House Publishing with companion videos and podcasts.
  5. Barefoot Disciple: Walking the Path of Passionate Humility by Stephen Cherry is the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent book for 2011.
  6. Another Lent book is a series of bible readimngs and reflections by Nigel G Wright, Jesus Christ the Alpha and the Omega
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  1. At Holy Cross we are going to juxtapose great art masterpieces and the Bible.

    America is shifting from a culture of verbal communication to a culture in which visual communication and art dominates. How do we tell the good news of Jesus IN and BEYOND words? Ash Wednesday and each Wednesday of Lent we will invite a master artist to focus our attention on Scripture. Alongside Isaiah 53, Van Gogh will point us to hope from an asylum in "Raising Lazarus." To see more:

  2. Thank you Ben, will you be posting details of your Wednesday meetings on your blog?