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Poverty of Ambition Audio

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An audio account of the Poverty of Ambition Conference, previously mentioned in this blog here and here is now available.

At the conference, journalist and commentator Will Hutton spoke about what it means to work towards a fair society, and what this may mean for taxation and media standards.  Andrew Stunell MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, addressed the question of what ‘The Big Society’ means for local communities. Revd Kirsty Thorpe, Co-Moderator of the United Reformed Church, drew the conference to a close by reflecting on what it means for Churches to be committed to a politics of hope.

Audio of these keynote speeches from Saturday’s public issues conference is now online, although if you click on this after a few days you might have to scroll down to find them.  There is also a summary on the Connexional Praxis blog.

The conference - entitled Poverty of Ambition? Churches and a Politics of Hope – examined how churches can engage with contemporary political issues. A particular focus was how churches can respond to the cuts announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review and how this relates to the coalition’s concept of Big Society.

There were a range of workshops aimed at experienced policy professionals, enthusiasts and people who simply want to know more. Workshop topics included:
  • What do our churches and politicians believe about poverty?
  • Acting on debt - practical suggestions for churches
  • Climate change - international agreement or technological change?
  • Peacemaking - nationally, locally, internationally
  • Big society - opportunity or threat?
  • Practical hints for lobbying your MP
  • How do I get my church interested in public issues?
Audio of the speeches is also available through iTunes.
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