Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Better Together

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Better Together is a joint meeting of the Methodist Council and the United Reformed Church Mission Council.  It starts on Wednesday this week, 13 October, and continues until Friday.  Details of the agenda and papers can be found on the Methodist Church website

The following items will be discussed during the joint sessions:
  • Exploring our history, context and characteristics within a framework of worship.  This item will include discussion of the Closer Working Consultation Resolution.
  • The General Secretaries unpack the two Churches’ current major themes
  • Groups explore the key challenges facing the Church locally and denominationally
  • Fresh Expressions: presentation and discussion led by Bishop Graham Cray
  • Bible Study led by Laurence Moore, Moderator-elect of the General Assembly
  • Ways Ahead for Children & Youth Work
  • Church Building Opportunities
  • The Church in the World
Leave a comment if you would like more information about any of these items.  Associated papers can be found at the first link in this post.
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