Friday, 5 August 2011

Racial Justice Sunday

This year Racial Justice Sunday is on Sunday September 11and the plans are to produce resources for based around the theme "Created by God, Treated like Slaves: Tackling Human Trafficking" and "Love your neighbour as yourself, do this and you will live" from Luke 10:27-28.

Unfortunately, the resources have been delayed and so are not yet on Churches' Together in Britain and Ireland's website.  Not to worry.  You can download this fantastic poster for church notice boards and busk it if the resources don't turn up!

CTBI write on their site:

The Churches' Racial Justice Network works for racial justice across Britain and Ireland. We aim to make a real difference in the Christian community and far beyond by raising awareness, encouraging effective working together and facilitating imaginative local initiatives. 

Racial Justice Sunday is an opportunity for all Christians in Britain and Ireland to focus their worship, prayer and action on racial justice by:
  • Celebrating human diversity.
  • Rejoicing in how far God's people have travelled together.
  • Recognising that there is much further to go both in the Church and in the world.
What are the aims? 
  • To raise awareness and deepen understanding of the diversity of culture and experience both in society and in the church.
  • To become more inclusive, outward-looking and welcoming.
  • To encourage all Christians to tackle injustice, not ignore it.
Make sure your church remembers racial justice!
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