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Europe Day at CTE

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Another article from this month's CTE News: 

Europe as a continent contains an enormous range of diversity, from the far northern forests of Finland to sunny Mediterranean shores, from the windy Atlantic Isles to the mountains of Transylvania. This richness of habitat and culture is matched by an equal diversity of faith communities – the Lutheran Nordic region, Catholic Spain and Italy, the Orthodox east to mention but a few. During these troubled times for the European political project, with changes threatened to the Schengen agreement and the Eurozone under pressure, the role of cross-border organisations and relationships in also undergoing scrutiny. What is the role of churches here? Can the post-WWII dream of uniting people around the Christian faith, thus preventing old enmities and divisions from fracturing Europe again, be relevant to our largely post-Christian societies? How are churches maintaining contacts and building bridges today?

On Tuesday 15 November all those with experience of church contacts in Europe, an interest in developing fellowship across borders, or curiosity about what the current state of European Church relations is, are welcome to join us at Churches Together in England for the first Europe Day. We will hear presentations from those actively involved in this sphere of church work – notably Dame Mary Tanner, European President of the World Council of Churches, Revd Canon Harvey Richardson (Community of Protestant Churches in Europe) and Very Revd John Arnold, formerly Dean of Durham and an architect of both the Porvoo and Meissen Agreements. There will also be opportunities to share experiences and to network; it will also give all of us an opportunity to explore what role CTE might have in supporting, encouraging and enabling European contacts. Lunch will be provided.
More information will follow closer to the time.
When? Tuesday 15 November from 11am-4pm   Where? CTE, 27 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HH
RSVP by 8 November to Jana Jeruma-Grinberga, Secretary for European Church Relations, Churches Together in England, 27 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HH     
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