Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Methodist URC Liaison, July 2011

United Reform Church, HornseaImage by D H Wright via Flickr
Today the Methodist URC Liaison Committee meets to review issues of concern to local churches where Methodists and Reformed churches are working together.  I'll list briefly below some of items on the agenda.  Leave a comment if you would like more information about any item.
  1. The committee will be reviewing a first draft paper about the reciprocal arrangement between the two churches about legal charges on contributions to each others properties.  With certain exceptions, the arrangement is that when one church makes a financial contribution to the other's property, it does not put a legal charge on the property, so that it can be reimbursed following a sale.  This has been happening for about 20 years and has not so far been reviewed.  The paper reviews some of the issues and the committee will debate the way forward.
  2. Civil partnerships in URC/Methodist Local Ecumenical Partnerships (LEPs).  The two churches have different rules for the blessing of civil partnerships and so we need to be clear about how these rules apply in LEPs.
  3. United Areas the committee will hear about progress with the new model constitution for LEPs and review progress with some of the new and proposed ones.
  4. URC review of ecumenical relations - I listed the questions the committee will be addressing in a previous post.
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