Friday, 22 July 2011

Insurance for Churches Together Groups

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This is a fire insurance policy.
Here's an extract from a new page on the Churches Together in England website.  You will see it says enquiries about insurance is one of the most common CTE receives.  The paper contains details of individual insurance companies and goes on a bit, so I've put in a link for those whop are interested.  CTE writes:

Queries about insurance for local events is probably our most frequently asked question

The summary paper has just been updated. Some years ago Churches Together Groups were being quoted huge premiums for public liability insurance for events such as a Good Friday Walk of Witness. Churches Together in England discussed the matter with insurance companies and obtained the three more reasonable schemes indicated in the summary paper .

The update clarifies that when one church in a Churches Together Group hosts an event for the group, that church's insurance policy does not cover the event unless the trustees have explicitly minuted that they are the host and that they take the insurance risk. While this may be sufficient for an occasional event, if there is a regular programme of events it would be better for the Churches Together Group to take out its own insurance policy.
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