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Global Digital Library for Theology and Ecumenism

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The World Methodist Council is one of fourteen founding members of a Consortium for a global digital library for theology and ecumenism.  The project was started out of the concern to develop capacities for higher education and theological knoweldge transfer and sharing between churches in the North and churches in the Global South.

The Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism (GlobeTheoLib) is to be launched in September 2011. Planned in collaboration with the World Council of Churches and its Programme on Ecumenical Theological Education (ETE), GlobeTheoLib will support and enable well-equipped participation in the teaching of theology, the generation of ecumenical and intercultural perspectives and the formation of a new generation of ecumenical leaders in contextual theologies, World Christianity and interreligious dialogue.
Using the platform of, GlobeTheoLib is the first step in a programme to complement the existing Global Digital Library on Ethics Library with other specialised libraries, such as on Philosophy and on Islam.

GlobeTheoLib aims to:
  • use new digital models of information exchange to create greater visibility for theological knowledge and insights from churches of the global South;
  • make use of information and communication technologies to counter imbalances in global theological education systems;
  • respond to the needs of theological colleges, faculties and institutes of growing churches in the global South for quality resources for theological education and research;
  • overcome barriers to accessing existing digital content providers;
  • promote understanding of the diverse expressions and understandings of Christianity worldwide; and
  • foster theological exchange within and between countries and regions.
GlobeTheoLib is a project of and is supported by a consortium whose founding institutions are and the World Council of Churches.

An exact date for the launch has yet to be announced.
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  1. The Global Digital Library was launched on 23 September 2011. The site is at