Thursday, 22 September 2011

Study Course to Gain Confidence in the Gospel

Many churches are planning their Autumn programme and here is a new resource from Churches Together in England's Group for Evangelisation.

July saw the publication of Sharing Faith the Jesus Way - a new book by Bible Reading Fellowship to help ordinary Christians feel more confident in sharing their faith. It is based on 6 of the best known Gospel passages like the Woman at the Well, the Man through the Roof, the Prodigal Son etc.  the author is jim Currin, who works for CTE in the field of mission and evangelisation.

These 6 readings can form the basis of a series useful for sermons and a six weeks group discussion / study which could be run this Autumn.


Sharing Faith the Jesus Way is backed up by The 360 Gospel of Jesus, which asks the question 'What is the gospel according to Jesus?' for those who want to delve deeper.

These two resources are illustrated on the Jesus 360 website, where you will find the full notes for the 6 week course, more  resources, and information about where to buy the books.

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