Friday, 16 September 2011

CTE Enabling Group, September 2011

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Vincent Nichols
Today Churches Together in England's Enabling Group meets for one of its twice yearly meetings.  Enabling Group's role is to reflect upon the progress of ecumenical relationships in England.  It is 'a key level of governance because it is where all the churches, which are members of the organisation, are able to be represented.  (It) also includes representatives of the Intermediate Bodies, representatives of the Bodies in Association and of the Forum.'  (See CTE's websites for definitions of these terms.)

Highlights on the agenda this time include:
  1. The Church and the Olympics, a session with Dave Wilson, eho is the CEO of More Than Gold.
  2. The Intermediate Body Review, a session led by Revd Bill Snelson, who wrote the review.
  3. There will be a session with two of CTE's Presidents, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols (Roman Catholic Church) and the Revd Michael Heaney (newly elected Moderator of the free churches group).
  4. It also seems likely a report from a consultation in March 2010 will be discussed.  The consultation, Mission Shaped and Ecumenical,  was organised by CTE and consisted of Missioners and Ecumenists in Conversation.  I hope to cover this in more detail in the near future.
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