Friday, 17 June 2011

Methodist Conference 2011

Volume 3 of the agenda for this year's Methodist Conference was published online yesterday and so today I will summarise the headings from the various papers.  Next week I will prepare posts based on the issues covered in the conference reports.  You can follow the links and read them today or wait for them to come up on the blog next week.

The Ecumenical Report to Conference covers the following issues:
  • Further report on progress in response to the Joint Resolution of the Methodist Conference and the United Reformed Church Assembly in 2008
  • The Methodist Church in Wales, including the Commission of Covenanted Churches in Wales and Y Cyngor's response to it
  • The Methodist Church in Scotland including progress with the EMU Partnership, the Church of Scotland Third Article Declaratory and ACTS' ecumenical reviews
  • The Joint Implementation Commission
The latter is primarily concerned with JIC2's interim report, Moving Forward in Covenant.  Here are the main chapter headings:
  • How far have we travelled in Covenant?  This section covers a number of issues including the diaconate, episcopacy and Presidency.
  • A Major Development in Shared Ministry.  This includes covenant partnerships in extended areas.
As far as I can tell there are no relevant memorials this year.  There are a few other relevant reports and I will provide links to these as I cover the issues in detail.  Leave a comment if you spot anything in the papers I might have missed.
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