Monday, 14 February 2011

New Ecumenism

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This is an appeal for information.  There is a request from members of the Connexional Team for news of New Ecumenism, that is Methodist Churches working in partnership with new churches. 

Examples of new churches might include be the Pioneer Networks, independent or house churches and of course Fresh Expressions.  We would also be interested to hear of  partnership working with churches not traditionally involved in ecumenical work, such as the black majority churches. 

If you have any accounts, send them to the Assistant Ecumenical Officer.  Suitable stories will be circulated amongst ecumenical staff on the team.  There is a possibility, with the senders' agreement, to feature these stories on Methodist Ecumenical News.  If that is a possibility, it would be good to have some photos or videos too.
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  1. It is good that at long last the connexion are looking beyond the tired mainstream denominations for examples of Christians working together.

  2. Thanks, the Connexional Team really depends on people doing the work to let us know what is happening.