Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity

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At first glance evolution, and indeed wider scientific issues, have little to do with ecumenism.  Possibly this is a specialist area but it is not entirely irrelevant and for some of us endlessly fascinating.

As I see it there are at least two reasons why ecumenists need to take evolution seriously:
  1. Our understanding of evolution from a theological perspective is something most properly done ecumenically.  As always, the aim is not to find a single theological formula but as each tradition works on its own approach, it can be stimulated by and perhaps accountable to the others.
  2. Some approaches to evolution are divisive.  Those who have a particular biblical interpretation which tells them the earth is only a few thousand years old, for example, sometimes split themselves off from other Christians who do not believe this.  The radical atheists don't help.  This problem is theological not scientific.
If you are interested in evolution and the Christian faith, you might be interested in The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity.  If you follow the link you will find this is a project initiated by an American Pentecostal Pastor, Revd Michael Dowd

Over Advent and Christmas there will be 30 talks which can be downloaded from the site.  Reference to the schedule will show you this is an ambitious programme.  After 6 January there will be a series of dialogues.

There is also a blog, which means there is an opportunity to respond to the issues raised.  You can register on the site and receive email alerts as the talks appear, although I'm not convinced this always works!

This is a valuable resource whatever your views about evolution and worth following while it is available.
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